Workshop “Making crowdfunding more accessible to creative professionals and cultural organisations: overcoming fragmentation at national and EU level” (participation Collab)


This workshop takes place in the context of a project carried out by IDEA Consult in partnership with the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) and Ecorys on behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture (DG EAC).
The objective of this project is to “kick-start” the Cultural and Creative Sectors’ Crowdfunding (CCS Crowdfunding) Community.

The Action Plan and this Workshop. This workshop is the first step in our ambition to present a validated Action Plan towards the European commission to further improve the integrating of crowdfunding
in CCS financing:
• As a result of the study carried out in the context of this project, a number of key are as were identified that need action to further support the development of a stronger CCS Crowdfunding Community. We refer to the attached ppt for a summary and our suggested areas for action.
• The upcoming expert workshop is organised to come to a draft of Action Plan. These actions can target support organisations, such as for instance the European Commission and/or European Member States and regions, but also the CCS and crowdfunding platforms sector.
• The result of the workshop – the draft Action Plan – will then be put online for a crowd-based consultation on DISCUTO (see further).
• At the end of the consultation, our team will integrate the conclusions of the crowdsourcing exercise as to finalise the Action Plan and submit it to the European Commission.