Workshop « The Collaborative Economy, Cultural Production and the Commons »

Barcelona, June 20th 2016

« The Collaborative Economy, Cultural Production and the Commons »


2-5.30pm, Venue TBA.

A workshop set up in partnership by researchers from the universities of Barcelona UOC, Bordeaux 3, Leicester, Lorraine, and Paris 8.

The aim of this one-day event is to confront professional experiences, engage in theoretical reflection and discuss the results of empirical studies focussing on the growing significance of so called collaborative web platforms, both in specific areas of cultural production and in their broader social and political implications, notably with regard to the commons movement.

The first part of the workshop will allow the various participants to share their professional expertise and results of both prior and on-going studies of cultural crowdsourcing and crowdfunding in Spain, France, the UK, the USA, as well as in South America and Africa.

The second part broadens this discussion into the sharing economy and its discontents.  2-3.20pm Cultural Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding